Invisalign Clearbraces


the clear way to straighten your teeth

Invisalign is a clear, nearly invisible technique leading cosmetic dentistry for  straightening teeth.

We can fit you with clear removable aligners which are carefully made to fit your teeth. The aligners will gently encourage your teeth to adjust their position over a period of two weeks. You will change the aligners every two weeks for a fresh set. Each set will adjust your teeth a little more each time as the treatment progresses. This gradual process will straighten your teeth over weeks and months.

As part of the initial consultation we will produce a virtual 3D plan which shows how your teeth will adjust their positions during your treatment period. This will enable us to show you what your teeth will look like before the treatment begins. Using the 3D plan each custom set of aligners is produced for you so we can help you achieve your perfect smile.

invisalign clearbraces from Ranelagh dental

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