Specialised Equipment

We utilise specialised equipment to ensure optimal results in all our dentistry.  We utilise technology allowing us see the future to prevent problems occurring in the first place

Case Achievements


Declan Moloney on advanced Ortho Course being congratulated for case achievements by Professor Anthony Viazzi, The inventor/father of new age orthodontics.

“I would like to congratulate Declan on his achievement of reaching the master affiliate level in provision of Fastbraces®.He has completed now a similar number of cases to that which the average postgraduate would complete by the end of their postgraduate training in orthodontics. This is a validation of his achievement and that he is now an expert in the provision of Fastbraces®.”


Professor Anthony Viazzi

Another case completed in 6 months by Dr Moloney



 Another successful FastBraces result in 4 months by Dr Moloney


New Age Orthodontics

(analogy,the Iphone of orthodontics has arrived)

Fastbraces® (Patented rectangular wire)is the new age,best,most efficient,safest way of moving teeth.

All other orthodontics being carried out presently is with now old/last generation technology ie round wires,(analogy the Nokia phone.)Therefore FB is FASTER BETTER & SAFER because in a nutshell,it fools the body into thinking the teeth are erupting rather than being pushed.These old pushing forces caused by round wire orthodontics create a greater force at 1,the root tip and 2,tooth at the gum area increasing chances of after treatment problems of recession(gum line shrinkage) and root resorption(which can result in nerve death/tooth loss).Because the body is fooled into thinking natural eruption is happening A BETTER SYSTEM FOR TOOTH MOVEMENT now applies with FB as compared to round wire orthodontic movement.


Master Affiliate Fastbraces® Achievements

Severe Crowding

High Canines

High Canines



Open Bite

Open Bite

Over Bite

Over Bite





 All below clinical cases are patients treated by Dr Declan Moloney

Specialised Services

We specialise in extraction of difficult/stuck/impacted wisdom teeth under local anaesthetic avoiding referral to hospital.


Implants and Crowns

Excellence in Routine Cleaning

Superior Quality Dentures

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Fastbraces® Avoids Extractions


Results after 1 Month with Fastbraces®


Another Fastbraces® case/progress in 1 month!

Results after 2 Months with Fastbraces®

Another case in two months

More Fastbraces® case progress in 2 months

Results after 3 Months with Fastbraces®



Results after three and a half months with Fastbraces®


Results after 4 months with Fastbraces®

Results after 6 months with Fastbraces®

Another case completed in under 6/12 months




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