I’ve been a client of Ranelagh Dental clinic since it opened and a client of Declan for over 8 years from previous practices. It was not a difficult decision to follow Declan to his new practice as the attention to detail and the work that I received is second to none. I have had a number of root canals and crowns in the years I have attended and all the work has been to an excellent standard.

I am currently receiving the the fastbraces treatment which I cannot recommend highly enough. It will be a short amount of time for a much desired smile.

I would have no hesitation recommending this practice to anybody as the care and attention over the years has been great and you are made feel welcome and at ease with every visit, therefore allowing your trip to the dentist to be carefree.

Paul Maguire  Jan 2015


“One day, when not that frequent a dental visitor I just happened to visit Declan for a check up. Without noticing anything myself, Declan spotted a lump at the back of my mouth which to his mind looked suspicious, so much so, that Declan forwarded me onto a maxillofacial surgeon. That lump turned out to be cancerous and started me on a road that no 35 year old would think would happen to them.

Thanks to Declan’s thoroughness, it was caught in time, and now 8 years later after surgery and follow up treatments I continue to visit Declan for repeated six month check-up’s. Aside from the regular scale and polish of those six month check-up’s, Declan continues to be vigilant in assessing where the tumour was and takes images to ensure that nothing has changed from the previous visit. Many thanks to Declan and the team at Ranelagh Dental for their thoroughness over the years, without it I fear to think what the outcome might have been for me.”

Kieran Lambert, Dublin


To Whom it may concern I was recommended to see Dr Moloney by my local chemist Miriam Leech.I am an older lady and was having lots of troubles with ill fitting dentures.I have had no teeth only dentures for many years and many sets were made by other dentists which I could not eat with.Dr Moloney asked me if I had any old dentures which better.I delivered these to him and he made me a new set using a copy denture technique and I now don’t know myself with how good the new ones he made me that are wonderful. While.While they were expensive they are no comparison with what went before. I recommend Dr Moloney and his clinic highly.

Josephine Doherty, Jan 2015


I and my three kids have been patients of Declan during his practice in Ranelagh and in a previous one. About 10 years ago he fissure sealed all the kids teeth and got them using handle flossers.He persuaded me to make certain diet changes at the time and ever since they have never really seemed to crave sugar like other kids.They are all young adults at this stage with perfect teeth and no fillings.I have friends whose kids had fissure sealants also but still needed fillings.I know Declan’s excellence in prevention is the reason they won’t ever have lots of fillings like me.Im still quite nervous myself and because I build lots of tartar in one area he always gives me a little local for my cleaning.Other than that I haven’t had to have any other tx since a root canal on a molar all those years ago when I came to Declan first in pain,regards Olga Ps I promise I will crown it some day as you advise.

Olga Moroney Jan 2015


I have been attending Declan for a number of years now. Over the years he sorted out any problems I have had.The first time I attended I was having a lot of pain from an impacted wisdom tooth.My previous dentist had told me I would have to go see a surgeon in hospital.She prescribed me some antibiotics and it settled so I just left it.A year later it came back with pain just as bad.A work colleague of mine had told me she had previously been told she would have to go to hospital but Declan had removed her wisdom tooth in his surgery with just ordinary anaesthetic.When I went I was very nervous but I believe that Declan and his staff are the best.While it took an hour I felt nothing as they promised.I was a little sore for a few days after but much less than they said I might and I didn’t even need all the pain tabs Declan prescribed.Ten days later he removed  the little black stitches.Ever since I have only needed a cleaning of my teeth.I was shown which toothbrush to use and how to use it along with a special flosser on a stick and each time I come he shows me a before and after picture showing me clearly that a cleaning is needed and how well it is done.  I was so impressed as no other dentist before had ever taken the time to show me this.Soon after my gums stopped bleeding.I had previously thought that mouthwashes were the answer.I have since sent lots of friends/colleagues to Declan as I know he is the best.A couple of people in work since who were also told also they had to go to hospital and Declan sorted their impacted wisdom teeth the same as myself.I know lots of people I have sent have similar excellent work including fillings crowns and my best friend had an implant.Thanks Declan and best wishes,see you soon.

Hillary O Neill Jan 2015


I was asked by Declan before Xmas if I would give a testimonial re my family’s experience at his practice.He seemed a little nervous even asking me which surprised me as I know Declan since he started in ranelagh in 2007 and I consider us friends  by now after all he has done for me and mine.I have referred my husband and both his parents who all needed extensive work.My father in law is an astute business man but due to fear had not attended a dentist in thirty years!I know how good Declan is since he saw me in pain all those years earlier for a root canal on my back tooth I knew all would be fine.Over the years I have seen Declan convert people out of dentist phobia while transforming their mouths out from a dire state with complex capping and bridges.I know he has performed much more than good dentistry.Any of his staff I have dealt with over the years seem also to have so sincere and caring.Thanks and best wishes Marianne Also Judith Kelly Dr Moloney has just finished fastbraces with my son.Both his upper outside incisors were pushed so far back you could hardly see them.We are thrilled with the result which only took 8 months.I was surprised as compared to his older brother who seemed a less difficult case but took twice as long and more expensive.Best Wishes Judith

Marianne Leahy Jan 2015


I have only been a pt of Declan’s for about a year.I always hated the way two of my front teeth stuck out.I was a little surprised when he suggested he could straighten then in about six months as my last dentist seemed to think it would take much longer.He completely straightened them in four and a half months to my delight and while wearing the brace for a while meant I had to be careful with what I was eating it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I chose the metal version as he explained they would be quicker and less problematic with brackets coming off separate to this I would highly recommend Declan and his wonderful staff and I would be happy to speak to anybody regarding my experience.

Janine Crosby Nov 2014

My first appointment with Declan was after a front tooth fell out of my denture one Christmas. Panic set in as I was working at the time. My son set up an appointment with Declan, and thus began a whole new dental experience for me. Declan was very welcoming and professional. He carried out a full examination of my teeth, took x-rays and photographs, and for the first time, I could see quite clearly on a screen the condition of my teeth. I was shocked.  Declan pointed out to me the areas of weakness and put forward possible treatments. I liked the way Declan always explained fully the reasons for the dental treatment he was suggesting. After much discussion we agreed on a treatment plan. I didn’t want dentures that flapped up and down in my mouth. My previous experience of them was that I was always conscious  that they were in my mouth. I had tended to play with them and even got a sweet stuck in them one time I was in company. They led to a few embarrassing moments at work. I had not been to the dentist for quite a while and there was quite a lot of work to be done. In the following number of months,  Declan carried out major work on my teeth. My upper teeth were all badly decayed and broken. He created 12 new teeth. You would never know. Declan advised me on the shade of the new teeth and I have to say, I am very pleased. They tone in with my bottom teeth very well, people can’t tell the difference between my top and bottom teeth. It took about a year to complete all my dental work.  I don’t know myself since having this work done. His surgery is very welcoming and calm. Declan constantly checked that everything was alright and that I was comfortable. One thing I did like was that he was very conscious of my pain threshold and very aware and considerate to how I was the whole time he carried out the work.  No visit was complete without a repeat reminder to floss, brush properly and a warning to stay away from sugars. Your teeth are the first thing people look at when you speak. Before, I had always been very conscious of my front teeth, I would try and hide them at work. I was always thinking, can I eat this or I can’t eat. Now, I am very comfortable with my teeth. I can eat what I want.  Thank you Declan for such a positive change to my life !.

Ann Duggan, August 2014


‘I would whole heartily recommend Declan to my friends and family as the level of  professional care along with  his friendly manner was excellent. I would normally be pretty nervous about going to the Dentist but Declan set my mind at ease very quickly. I have had a lot of work done over the past few months and have only good things to say about my experience. ‘

Mike  Finn  July 2014

‘I am a patient of Declan for the past 6/7 years now and have had a number of crowns done. I found the experience totally painless and have had so much more confidence since I had the crowns done. I always avoided smiling in photos before my treatment but have absolutely no problem smiling now. Declan is a very diligent dentist and goes out of his way to make the patient comfortable. He matched my crowns perfectly with the colour of my existing teeth. I love my teeth now. I felt the surgery comfortable, friendly and bright. May I take this opportunity to wish Declan and his staff continued success.’

 Stella Connolly July 2014

“It’s the nice practice I have ever been to, it’s so high tech. They have really thought of everything. They have TV screens on the ceiling of the surgery treatment room – so you can just sit back and relax during your treatment. They provide photos of the teeth before and after the treatment. It is so refreshing to be told what is going to be done and to be treated in such a nice courteous way. I’d definitely recommend Ranelagh Court Dental Clinic & Fastbraces®. I would just like to thank Declan and the rest of the team for all their help”.

John McCarthy July 2014

“I have been a patient of Declan Moloney for more than 6 years now. I used to dread dentists, but Declan has always been very good at making me feel at ease. I have had check ups, fillings and a few other bits and pieces and I can honestly say that I never felt anything, all procedures were completely painless and done to the highest standards. I would recommend Ranelagh Court Dental Clinic & Fastbraces® without hesitation to anybody, being sure that they will be treated in a friendly atmosphere by true professionals”.

Barbara Iseli July 2014

“I was having a large amount of work done including crowns and bridges. I found Declan to be meticulous in his work, with great attention to detail. I am very happy with the result. In fact many people have commented on how good my teeth look. I would definitely recommend Ranelagh Court Dental Clinic & Fastbraces® as the place to go for treatment, especially if its a big job.”

Brian Jennings , July 2014

“What I can say is treatment was painless and so far effective. The treatment had previously been problematic and had been a Canadian root canal treatment some 25 years previously. I’m open to being contacted for validation if a prospective patient wants lay reassurance ! ”

Mary, July 2014


“Declan has been my dentist for many years now and I cannot recommend him highly enough. From the routine to a complicated implant, Declan has always been thorough, professional and friendly. The result is always first class.”

Mr. Richard Wallace , July 2014

“Declan has carried out remedial treatment for gum disease as well as fitting crowns and constructing a bridge of four teeth to replace my lower front teeth which were no longer viable. This has made a big difference to me. I would highly recommend his work.”

Mrs. Celine Devoy, July 2014

” I have been a patient of Declan’s for over 12 years. During this time, he has completed a bridge and replaced some crowns on my front teeth, which I had previously had problems with for some time.They look really well as he colour matched them to my own teeth and that made a huge difference. He also made me a lower chrome denture which fitted perfectly from day one. I have a phobia about dental work and pain but over all these years I have never experienced discomfort when being treated by Declan – and that includes when I had to have root canal treatment.”

Mrs. Marie McCarthy, July 2014

” Unfortunately I had reached a pint through childhood dental treatment and some unfortunate sports incidents that I needed extensive dental work. Fortunately I was referred to Declan. I can honestly say I have been attending Declan for over 10 years. Declan has performed everything from surgical extractions, root canal treatments, extensive bridgework, individual posts and crowns, all of which sounds like I am a dental disaster. Happily I can say that whilst Declan has been a very patient and professional Dentist, I am now the proud possessor of a confident smile with a full mouth of teeth. I am almost 50 and Declans dental work has been one of my best investments. I would not hesitate to continue to recommend Declan and wish him the very best with his practice in the future.”

Mr. Paul Carty, July 2014

” As someone with a life-long dislike for dental procedures, I am very happy to say for the last few years as a patient of Ranelagh Court Dental Clinic, I no longer fear the regular visit. Declan and his team have a refreshing passion for perfection but the patient always remains in control. There is a bright, clean and welcoming atmosphere. Combining this with superb technical excellence and state of the art equipment, there is no other dental practice I would consider. I would recommend it without reservation.”

Dr. Declan O’Callaghan, July 2014

” I first came to Ranelagh Court Dental Clinic having neglected my teeth for many years. Declan and the team gave me the best of care to sort out some existing issues and I have been with them ever since.”

Mr. Martin Hogan, July 2014

” I have been attending Declan for the past three years. What struck me first was his utter determination to preserving and improving my teeth. Between root canals, crowns and deep scalings, I am in much better shape. He is a total professional with the most modern of equipment and I always feel reassured after a visit. “

Mr. Paul Hanratty, July 2014


” I was introduced to Dr Declan Moloney at Ranelagh Court Dental Clinic by my daughter.I had a lot of legacy issues with my teeth with numerous extractions and very heavy wear and tear on my remaining teeth. Declan outlined a number of procedures including Root Canal and Crowns.Thanks to his professional and painless approach I now enjoy a high standard of dental health that I did not think was possible for someone my age.”

Tom Devoy, 2014


I have had a lot of work done with Declan in Ranelagh Court Dental Clinic over the past few years and have always had a great experience. I have been fitted with several crowns and I have been delighted with the finished product as well as the aftercare. Declan takes great pride in the work he does and always does a top notch job.  He keeps me fully apprised of each stage of treatment which helps me to always feel relaxed about each procedure. Declan and dental nurse Sharon are very professional and personable and the surgery itself is modern and inviting. I have been very impressed by the quality of the work I have had done over the years as well as the high standard of patient care.  I would highly recommend Ranelagh Court Dental as an excellent place for your dental needs.

F. McMahon, Rathfarnham

I have had a lot of dental work done at Ranelagh Court Dental Clinic over the past few years, including fillings, extractions, root canal treatment and crowns. Declan and Sharon do a great job to put you at ease with a friendly atmosphere and detailed explanation of what is being done to your teeth. I would recommend Ranelagh Court Dental Clinic to anyone looking for a good dentist whose work will last you years.

Brenda Barrett, July 2014

It was very nice to meet you. An appointment with you and Declan was a great pleasure for all of us.  Kids had a blast and we are very grateful for that. Thanks again,

Ben and Kate

I’ve been attending the Ranelagh Court Dental Clinic since July 2009 and have the highest regard for the work I have received from Dr. Moloney and his understanding/caring nurse Sharron. Before I made an appointment my teeth were in a very bad state full of decay and gum disease. Dr. Moloney organized a six monthly routine for me and gave me the best of treatment including extractions, fillings, an implant and an upper and lower chrome denture which fits with perfection. Previously to me seeing Dr. Moloney I had numerous dentures made that I could not wear as I have a very sensitive Gag Reflex. I attend his clinic once every three months for an upgrade and cleaning. I’m very happy with his work.

  Gerry Noone,  April 2014